bullet imagebullet imageCome and share in the celebration of the horse and the rural lifestyle at EQUUS FEST - WEST happening on Saturday February 15, 2020, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the beautiful El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville, California. This community based celebration will bring together the very best our region has to offer, from trainers and clinicians to businesses offering a wide variety of products and services that enhance the equine and rural lifestyle. You can improve your relationship with your horse, learn about the latest trends in equine health care, shop with great regional craftsmen, artists and businesses, enjoy fantastic food and more at EQUUS FEST 2019!

AT THE DOOR TICKETS are just $10.00 for adults . Kids 12 and under are FREE.   Parking is just $7.00 per carload as per the El Dorado Country Fairgrounds.

ADVANCED TICKETS! You can save $3.00 by ordering your tickets in advance no later than December 15, 2019! You can use Pay Pal or USPS. Advanced Tickets are just $7.00! By PayPal use the luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com account and use the "send money to family/friends" options to avoid additional fees you would be responsible for. By USPS please send a check made out to Michael Canfield and mail it to 438 Cairo Junction Road Catskill, New York 12414. Tickets will be shipped out weekly.

TICKET PURCHASES AT THE GATE ARE CASH ONLY! No credit/debit cards accepted at the event gate. There is an ATM ON SITE and in the Railey's Supermarket across the street!


We are doing it AGAIN!  EQUUS FEST-WEST will be here SOON! This celebration will keep the "down home feel" and intimate atmosphere that so many of our 2019 Attendees raved about. Once again the focus will be on EDUCATION, ENRICHMENT and EXCITEMENT as the BEST Clinicians, Exhibitors, Presenters and Vendors come together to celebrate the Equine and Rural Lifestyle we all love!

We have secured the MARK D. FORNI BUILDING which will allow almost all of our Exhibitors to be INDOORS, so no matter what the weather is doing outside, YOU can meet with our Exhibitors, Clinicians an Presenters in a wonderful climate controlled building. We have secured THE PLAZA for those of our Exhibitors who wish to be outside and for those Presenters who need space to offer up their unique demonstrations! We have secured the covered HENNINGSEN PAVILION ARENA (with additional seating) for our amazing Clinicians and their Participant Riders to be able to bring their unique approaches with horses to you! We believe this combination of facilities will allow YOU to more fully enjoy the EQUUS FEST-WEST experience!

With a little less than a year to prepare, we believe that EQUUS FEST-WEST will be a vibrant celebration, filled with new experiences while keep true to the "down home feel" and vision of EDUCATION, ENRICHMENT and EXCITEMENT you have come to expect from EQUUS FEST -WEST.

Look for updates HERE and on our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE at https://www.facebook.com/events/1082523365288736/


If you are a Business, Company Representative, Craftsman, Artist, Retailer or Service Provider that ENRICHES or ENHANCES the equine and rural lifestyle you need to be at EQUUS FEST-WEST! If you have a product or service that enhances the rural lifestyle then you need to be at EQUUS FEST-WEST! If you are a Club, Group, Organization or Association that promotes the equine and rural lifestyle you need to be at EQUUS FEST-WEST! Get your message experienced by hundreds of potential customers/clients in just one day! You will not find a more cost effective and FUN way to impact your bottom line!

IF YOU WERE WITH US IN 2019 YOU ARE AN EQUUS FEST ALUMNI! YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ALUMNI BOOTH RATES (in Red) UNTIL OCTOBER 15, 2019!  Just email us at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com to secure your booth! 

PREMIUM EXHIBITORS: Premium Exhibitors will receive an INDOOR 10 x 10 booth space (larger booths are available), a Social Media Marketing package, a listing on our event website, air conditioning, a table with two chairs, access to power, Green Room Access (complementary refreshments) reserved parking and the opportunity to pass our coupons, flyers and promotional materials to attendees. Spaces are limited. 10 x 10 Premium Exhibitor spaces are just $100.00 for Alumni, $165.00 for New Exhibitors

FESTIVAL EXHIBITORS: Festival Exhibitors will receive an OUTDOOR 10 x 10 booth space (you provide the booth shelter), a Social Media Marketing package, a listing on our event website, Green Room access (complimentary refreshments), reserved parking and the opportunity to pass our coupons, flyers and promotional materials to attendees. Spaces are limited. 10 x 10 Festival Exhibitor spaces are just $65.00 for Alumni, $75.00 for New Exhibitors

TRAILER EXHIBITORS: Trailer Exhibitors will receive up to 40 feet of exhibition space for their trailer based displays, a Social Media Marketing package, a listing on our event website, Green Room access (complimentary refreshments), reserved parking and the opportunity to pass out coupons, flyers and promotional materials to attendees. Spaces are limited. Trailer Exhibitor spaces are just $100.00 for Alumni. $150.00 for New Exhibitors

SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES: We have several new Sponsorship Packages for Alumni and New Exhibitors to take advantage of! These Sponsorship Packages really get your message heard and have a huge impact on brand recognition, repeat business and customer loyalty! For more information on Sponsorship Packages please email us at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com.

TO RESERVE YOUR EXHIBITORS SPACE: Simply drop us an email at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com tell us a little about your business, service, art, craft or group and we will send you an Exhibitors Packet. Just fill out the Booth Request form and send it in along with your booth fee and we will get you set up!



DEMONSTRATIONS in the Henningsen Pavilion Arena and The Plaza:

  • 10:15-10:45: Pony Express Association
  • 11:00-12:00: Susan Wirgler
  • 11:30 -12:30: Blissful Equine (in The Plaza)
  • 12:15 – 12:45: Kate Kohagen
  • 1:00 – 2:00: Martina Bone
  • 2:15 -2:45: Painted Ladies
  • 3:00 -4:00: Karen Shirley
  • 4:15 – 5:15: Valerie Baker

TRAINER TALKS in the Mark D. Forni Building:

  • 10:15 -10:45: Valerie Baker
  • 11:00 -11:30: Martina Bone
  • 11:45 -12:15: Medicine Horse Project
  • 12:30-1:00: Christina Holum
  • 1:15 -1:45: Susan Wirgler
  • 2:00 -2:30: Karen Shirley
  • 2:45 -3:15: Blissful Equine


Q: What if it rains? 
A: EQUUS FEST happens RAIN OR SHINE! We have the MARK D. FORNI BUULDING (a climate controlled INDOOR facility) that will be FILLED with Exhibitors, the HENNINGSEN PAVILION ARENA (a great covered area with covered seating) for our Clinicians and we even have a "Rain Plan" for our Festival (outdoor) Exhibitors which will give them cover and good footing! RAIN or SHINE! We got you covered.

Q: What is a Participant Rider?
A: A Participant Rider is a person who rides with and gets instruction from one (or more) of our attending Clinicians in a 60 minute "clinic style" demonstration. There is a small fee to ride with each Clinician and you must submit an application (and be approved) in order to be a Participating Rider. To get your Participating Rider Packet please email us at luckystarhorsemanship@gmail.com.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the gate?
A: Of course! Ticket sales at the gate are CASH ONLY! Sorry no credit cards or other payment forms can be accepted at the gate. Tickets are $10.00. Kids 12 and under are free. Remember CASH ONLY at the gate. You can save $3.00 per ticket by purchasing your tickets in advance! Just head over to the ADVANCED TICKET page for more information. Deadline to purchase tickets in advance (and be entered into the EXCLUSIVE "Gift Bucket" Drawing is JANUARY 1, 2020!

We are packing a lot of FUN into the inaugural run of EQUUS FEST! Our goal is to create an annual (maybe even twice a year) community based celebration of all things equine and rural lifestyle that brings together the best our area has to offer and to enhance the experiences of every Attendee. We can do this with your help! Plan on attending EQUUS FEST on Sunday February 24, 2019 at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds!

Stay tuned for more updates!2019



Enjoy the best mobile food establishments in the region at EQUUS FEST! There is something for everyone and some great twists on your favorite foods! Be ready to have your taste buds dazzled!


Stroll through our Exhibitors Hall and shop with some of the best Artists, Craftsmen and Businesses in the region whose products and services enrich and enhance the equine and rural lifestyle. Get your tack, supplements, clothing, home decor and more at EQUUS FEST!



EQUUS FEST is proud to partner with some of the best Clinicians and Trainers in the region to bring you fantastic learning opportunities focusing on a variety of skills and approaches that will enrich and enhance your partnership with your horse. Whether you audit the demonstration from the stands or dive into the action as a Participant Rider your equine experience will be improved at EQUUS FEST !